Mee Family Loft

          My name is Rick Mee and I have been raising pigeons since the age of nine. I have had about every breed of pigeon imaginable but my favorites always were the flying breeds, mainly racing pigeons and rollers.

          I joined the US Army at age twenty and completed a twenty year military career a few years back. While in the military I was fortunate enough to visit some of the top racing pigeon lofts in the US and abroad which needless to say increased my knowledge of the sport and heightened my interest in realizing my dream. My dream, retire from the US Army and pursue my main interest, flying racing pigeons and rollers and one day hopefully being very successful at it.

          My wife Olga is from Russia and while growing up helped her father care for his pigeons. When we were introduced and I found out she knew how to raise and train pigeons.....well lets just say this made marriage inevitable. Olga is instrumental in maintaining this site and helps in the day to day operation of our small breeding program. Lately she has become very interested in the training of our young racing pigeons and is not only my boss, at least that is what she says, but also helps me in training. Billy, Sasha, and lastly Angelina all also help out when needed.

          We live on a small four acre farm right outside of town. If you are in the area please don't hesitate to contact us for a visit and come check out our birds.

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